Niinety9’s ‘Understand’ is a jam for days

The music space is wide open, and musical experimentation with sounds from new generation Nigerian music creators is the new norm. This experimentation has resulted in the amazing records we’ve heard in the past few years. Among the many artists who indulge themselves in such is Niinety9.

He is ever expressive of his emotions. With his meticulously picked choice of sounds that best resonates with fans and listeners, Niinety9 pours soul into his music and does it in style. 

His new track ‘Understand’ is another record that depicts the musical prowess of the fast-rising artist.

On this new record, Niinety9 puts finely layered backups, rad vocals, and just the right amount of kicks and bumps to relate love, lust, and betrayal.

It’s another of his stories, but what is thrilling about this particular story is how he does it. How the kicks and drops leave you nodding your head to every one of them as you feel the betrayal, lust, and love he sings about. How melodies, rhymes, and his layered vocals have you feeling what he feels.

Produced by GbeduBoss, ‘Understand’ is another record that furthermore highlights Niinety9’s penchant for genre fusion, and how he beautifully relates resonating stories with them.   

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