What are the dynamics of a hit record ? Oxlade executes this feat on his new Color’s studio co- signed single ; Ku Lo Sa   

Creating a path true his inimitable sound isn’t enough for the next gen forerunner, as he has also decided to conquer the art of live music. 

Color’s studio picked the perfect artiste, who utilised the perfect high life & percussive directed instrumental to serve us a bustling love anthem. 

Oxlade presents himself in his most confident light knowingly taking advantage of his bleeding edge voice, a reference to that could  be right at the beginning of the track, where he clears his throat before laying his harmonious verse, whilst saving the juicy melodies and riffs towards the end of the song, where we experience his unchained vocal capabilities. 

The next gen artiste is further cementing his mark and presence, declaring his unwillingness to back down through a plethora of amazing achievements, one of which is  being a member of the Recording Academy’s Class of 22’. Having teased the coming of a potential full length project. High expectations and anticipation are in effect, as it would be his first debut studio project.

Watch Ku Lo Sa Below


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